@Arizona Taco House

I am very happy to have the opportunity to bring high quality, authentic Mexican flavors in the traditional styles of Baja, Sonora, and Tex-Mex to the Netherlands. For the past 45 years I lived in States along the border of Mexico (in California, Arizona, and Texas) where I learned much about the different chiles and spices as well as the cooking methods used in each region. I love cooking and eating Mexican food – where I come from it is part of every family’s way of life - and I am excited to have the opportunity to bring my knowledge and passion for Mexican food to the Netherlands!

At Arizona Taco House we serve high quality, fun, authentic flavors of Baja, Sonora, delicious burritos, chimichangas, enchiladas, as well as Mexican “bar food” for sharing, such as quesadillas, tortilla chips and homemade salsas, and the most delicious nachos!
Stop by and visit us. You are always welcome!

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