When I was a child and asked my mother : what are we eating today ? , she often told me Come y Calla, which means “ eat and keep your mouth shut “ or “ eat what you get “ In short : I had to eat what was on my plate. Komikaya is written the way Come y Calla is pronounced.

The trademark of Komikaya is the Empanada made the Chilean way, because that is where the roots lie of Komikaya. At Komikaya we serve you delicious dishes and bites that have their origin on the South American continent. Colorful, diverse and oh so tasty. At Komikaya we understand that you want to share the good things in life with friends. That is why we have our “drink board” or sharing plate to enjoy together.

Be welcome and imagine yourself in South America. Smells, colors and flavors let you forget that you are actually in Eindhoven.

See you at Komikaya | Nos vemos en Komikaya